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NavigationContentSlider – An iOS Content Slider Using the UINavigationBar

15 Nov

I’ve made a simple to use subclass of a UIViewController that allows you to slide to different content views (in a nice way) using the UINavigationBar.

The class is free to use, on my GitHub page: a1phanumeric’s NavigationContentSlider Fork

Here’s a little screenshot showing you what it looks like (totally unstyled though!):
iOS NavigationContentSlider

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I’ve Made a Free iPhone App …Should I Let You See The Source?

19 May

What Should I Make For Dinner Tonight - Free iPhone AppSo, I’ve built an iPhone app – What Should I Make For Dinner Tonight?.

Please download it and play with it. I’d LOVE to hear your feedback, and will happily code in any improvements we all agree would be beneficial. If you’re interested in the Objective-C source code then let me know and maybe I’ll release it!


Top iPhone Games

02 Jun

Top iPhone Games is a new site I’ve just released which shows you the top iPhone / iPad / iPod games based on data aggregated from across the internet – so it’s unbiased!

Visit Top iPhone Games now and let me know your feedback!