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AJAX Form Tutorial

12 Oct

This tutorial will show you how to create an AJAX form with PHP and jQuery. The AJAX form doesn’t look any different to an ordinary HTML form, with the exception of making sure that when we submit the form, it calls a javascript function rather than pushes the user to a page (causing a new page reload). I’ll also demonstrate how we can use ‘loading’ animation for the AJAX form, whilst we wait for the server to respond. Read the rest of this entry »


What Beautiful PHP & AJAX Looks Like

13 Nov

I recently saw an image demonstrating What Beautiful HTML Looks Like. I’ve decided to do my own What Beautiful PHP and AJAX Looks Like image. You can also play with the actual application that this image demonstrates if you so wish!

The Source

This example makes use of the Prototype JavaScript library. I’m using this, as it simplifies AJAX calls, and keeps this tutorial simple. You can view the full source here, which you can view, copy and include in your AJAX applications. It contains suffice comments which should help you understand how everything works.

Credit for the email validation goes to ILoveJackDaniels. It’s not bullet-proof, but suffice for this example.

Comments would be much appreciated on this blog entry. Positive and constructive only.


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